Dennis Donuts, a Greek family business

The company Dennis Donuts , is a Greek family business, which operates in the Greek market since 1979 and specializes in producing and marketing donuts.
The long-term success of the business due to the unique recipe of donuts, which Mr. Xidis brought from New York and they use up to now the three daughters who have now taken now. The Donuts Dennis, do wholesale, retail, and do delivery.

"Fresh for us is only the present" is the motto of our business while, despite the economic crisis, the company Dennis Donuts insists on quality products, using the finest materials, DO NOT use any preservatives and all products are handmade (not mixes) are used. This is the secret to the unique taste!

The company sanitary Dennis Donuts applied the HACCP self-control system and observes all processes in accordance with the requirements of European and national legislation. (Article 5 of European Regulation 852/2004).